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Membership Has Its Privileges: Testimonials

“I always wanted to have that friend who knew all the secret nuggets of wisdom about San Francisco: where to go, what to do, what made this city so special. My friends fell flat. Mister Archer came through. He's a friend for life.”
   —Andrea N., Founder of bobarra

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Mister Archer for the inspiration you have provided me today--- in that little golden box! On this eve of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for someone spending the time--- which I never seem to be able to find in the course of my busy day--- to find a unique, inspiring, enlightening, enriching diversion from my work-a-day routine. I am a real toxophilite!”
   —Dan R.

“I'm really touched by your sensitivity to what we are trying to accomplish. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.”
   —David Astor, CEO and Founder of ED7 Loftique

“Thank you, Mr. Archer! You provided me with brilliant ideas for my recent wedding including a night of drinks and Southern BBQ at The Pub with out-of-town guests and Parker’s Crazy Cookies for gifts. The ideas gave me street cred with the cool kids and major brownie points with my wife and in-laws. Any thoughts for the first anniversary?.”
   —Dave G.

“[Your write-up was] impressively succinct and accurate.”
   —Ben W., Vibram FiveFingers

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