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Top Coffee Shops in San Francisco

Whether you're starting up a business, seeking out a new spot to read the Sunday NY Times, or simply want to explore the City, Mister Archer shares his favorite coffee shops by neighborhood.

Click on a neighborhood to see the coffee shop of choice. Or survey the grid to compare all the top spots in the City.

Bernal Heights

Progressive Grounds

Progressive Grounds

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
400 Cortland Ave, SF (at Bennington St) See Yelp reviews
Experience the whimsical side of Bernal Heights. Order a coffee and a piping hot breakfast sandwich with a coating of melted cheddar and a couple strips of bacon. Then cozy into the backroom den with a red brick fireplace. Stay a while—they just installed more powerstrips to accomodate tethered entrepreneurs. The outside patio is a neighborhood gem... the tranquility invites both contemplation and levity.

Nervous Dog Coffee picture

Nervous Dog Coffee

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3438 Mission St, SF (at Kingston St) See Yelp reviews
The typical greeting from the owner, “you want the usual?” And the regulars don't drink decaf. Restless entrepreneurs are grinding away on their fledgling startups... quite similar to the “nervous little dogs” in this Gary Larson cartoon—the muse for this coffee shop. The cozy intimacy is usually accompanied by inspiring art from local vistuosos.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Martha Bros



Spike's Coffees & Teas in the Castro

Spike's Coffees & Teas

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
4117 19th St, SF (at Castro St) See Yelp reviews
Arrive with an open mind and schedule. This cell phone free zone affords a grand opportunity to enjoy a few idle moments soaking in the chatter on their sidewalk patio. Order up a homebrewed spicy chai or a “celestial” soy latte. Here you're family—you can even start your own tab on a 3”x5” index card. Is caffeine or community more addictive?
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Castro Creamery (roastery), Philz

Cole Valley

Reverie Cafe & Bar

Reverie Cafe & Bar

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
848 Cole St, SF (between Carl St and Federick St) See Yelp reviews
Some days just have that lazy feel to them... especially during our Indian summers. Then welcome to Reverie--“absentminded dreaming while awake.” Enjoy the flora and fauna in the back patio. The amalgamation of the Cole Valley + UCSF crowd is respectfully effervescent. Leave the laptop at home (no wi-fi or outlets); so curl up with a book instead. And, unless you enjoy washing dishes, bring cash.
Another Neighborhood Favorite: Lava Java

Diamond Heights

Looking for a gem in Diamond Heights? Sorry, but you're just pinching coal.

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Financial District

Cafe Ida

Caffé Ida

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
303 Sacramento St, SF (at Battery St) See Yelp reviews
Bro... things at work are stuck in slo-mo? Short on time, but coffee you can't forego. Skip the stale cup with the packs of Sweet & Low. Instead, head on out and appreciate the walk to and fro. Hello! Grab a cup of joe and go! You can't dillydally because the seating capacity is zer-o. Woah! When you need a quick cup of joe... now you're in the know. Hey yo!
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Jackson Place (Blue Bottle), The Coffee Bean, Caffe Amici Espresso

Fisherman's Wharf

Buena Vista Cafe

Buena Vista Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2765 Hyde St, SF (at Beach St) See Yelp reviews
Is this the magical elixir in your school dean's Thermos? Welcome to the domestic birthplace of the Irish Coffee—a brew consisting of steaming coffee, Irish whiskey, and cubed sugar topped with a layer of cream. Yeah, a bit too many folks in the pink “San Francisco” trolleycar sweatshirts. Fortunately, you don't need to elbow jockey for the barstools... just head around back to the downstairs room.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Coffee Adventures

Glen Park

Cafe Bello

Cafe Bello

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2885 Diamond St, SF (between Bosworth St and Wilder St) See Yelp reviews
“Coffee beans roasted fresh daily,” greets the sign. Coffee connoisseurship is thriving in this cozy Glen Park enclave. Conveniently close to the Glen Park Bart station, or just a quick detour off the highway. Might as well grab a bite to eat too and the quiche selection is eggscellent. For those working remotely, enjoy the quiet solitude and you will have a prductive morning with the double shot espressos.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Still looking...


The Grind Cafe Haight

The Grind Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
783 Haight St, SF (between Scott St and Pierce St) See Yelp reviews
The Grind Cafe has partnered with some of the titans of SF dining, Mr Espresso, Boudin Bakery and Niman Ranch. Lucky they have vaulted ceilings to provide sufficient headroom and natural lighting. There's free Wi-Fi during the week. On the weekends, hit up the french toast croissant wopped with fruit. Don't worry, it won't hit back. This is your refuge from the Haight street panhandling.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Cafe du Soleil, Cafe International

Hayes Valley

Blue Bottle Coffee Co

Blue Bottle Coffee Co

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
315 Linden St, SF (a little off Gough St) See Yelp reviews
This alleyway kiosk is groundzero for the boutique coffee revolution in San Francisco. There's always a line here... even in the late afternoon. The secret sauce? A promise. James Freeman, the Bill Walsh of SF coffee connoisseurship, founded BB on a commitment to use the “finest organic, and pesticide-free, shade-grown beans” and serve them less than “48 hours out of the roaster.”
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Arlequin, Momi Toby's, Mercury Cafe

Inner Sunset

Alvin's Scrumptious Coffees & Teas

Alvin's Scrumptious Coffees & Teas

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1708 Irving St, SF (between 18th Ave and 19th Ave) See Yelp reviews
Affectionately known as the “coffeemeister,” Alvin and wife Helen have almost 35 years serving the best coffee in the Sunset. The Blue Mountain Jamaica is the favorite of the regulars. Their secret? “Roasting is tender loving cooking.” For those looking to cool off in the afternoon, order up a cafe glace—coffee with a scoop of ice cream. Now that's scrumptious coffee!
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Beanery, Hollow

Laurel Heights

Rigolo Café

Rigolo Café

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3465 California St, SF (between Laurel St and Spruce St) See Yelp reviews
Rigolo is filled to the gills during brunch and lunch. You, my friend, should swim against the current and visit during the off hours (although the $3 mimosas from 11am - 3pm are tempting). There's plenty of parking in the back lot and a few sidewalk tables out front. Their brews feature coffee beans from Equator Estate who also roasts for a gentleman by the name of Thomas Keller.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Sun Stream, Peet's

Marina / Cow Hollow



wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2184 Union St, SF (between Fillmore St and Webster St) See Yelp reviews
The power breakfast spot in Cow Hollow with free coffee refills and hour-by-hour Wi-Fi. Be seen up front or start companies in the back. Their intimate patio is a special place for bright, sunny mornings. The creative décor also works for the happy hour and evening shifts. Oh, coffee is a stimulant... and Jovino features the best bathroom in the Marina—could be subletted as a studio.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: The Grove Cafe, La Boulange de Union, Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery


Coffee Bar Mission

Coffee Bar

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1890 Bryant St, SF (Corner of Florida St) See Yelp reviews
Can't a guy keep one secret? Guess not. A gem on the corner of Bryant x Florida, the Coffee Bar warrants a spot in your regular rotation. They know their beans... one of the owners is the son of Mr. Espresso. The clean, industrial look is surprisingly welcoming. Lots of Silicon Valley rainmakers play hooky here. On a spring day, expect abundant sunshine and MacBooks.

Ritual Coffee Roasters Mission


wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1026 Valencia St, SF (between 21st St and 22nd St) See Yelp reviews
Ritual pioneered the roastery-cum-cafe experience in the Mission. They source their own beans, seeking out the best varietals by geography, altitude, soil, shade, and harvests. Ritual brews both coffee and controversy, ranging from the Soviet-inspired logo to the removal of the power outlets. (Sorry, all day Tweeters.) But they offer a great cup of coffee and they've even shared their brewing guide.

Atlas Cafe Mission

Atlas Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3049 20th St, SF (at Alabama St) See Yelp reviews
Who let the dogs out? I can't help you there... but the Atlas Cafe lets the dogs in. Hang out on their back patio with the morning paper, man's best friend, and a cup of Equator coffee. For a morning snack, indulge with a $1 Mission Mini, you deserve it. Thursday nights are special here—live music from 8-10pm or ragtime & blues on Saturday from 4-6pm.

Philz Coffee Mission


wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3101 24th St, SF (at Folsom St) See Yelp reviews
Sorry folks, the Philz phenomenom is creeping outside SF. The reason? Discerning folks appreciate over 20 handmade coffees brewed one cup at a time. The go-to order is the Tesora blend. For special occassions, try the mint mojito iced coffee... smooth and chocolatey, decadent and refreshing. Patrons seem to be able to concentrate even though the pours probably have 3x the caffeine.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: The Revolution Cafe, Stable Café, L's Caffe, Four Barrel

Noe Valley

Bernie's Coffee Shop


wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3966 24th St, SF (between Noe St and Sanchez St) See Yelp reviews
Bernie's is much too humble... "a local coffee shop?" no, THE local coffee shop with bed and breakfast-like amicability and tranquility. The owner, a third generation Noe Valley resident, will quickly match your face with your name and drink of choice. Reciprocate her smile and you'll have another friend along with a free refill. Milkbones gratis for the dogs (the people food is good too).
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Martha Bros

North Beach / Telegraph Hill

901 Columbus Caffé

901 Columbus Caffé

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
901 Columbus Ave, SF (at Lombard St) See Yelp reviews
Happy Hour starts at 5pm featuring $2 beers. Oh... work before play, eh? Get an early start and grab a booth seat enjoying the morning solitude. For lunch, they offer salads and sandwiches... but you can't go wrong with the Al Capone panini with the focacia bread saved a few seconds before being blackened. They have a ginormous HD tv if you need a quick distraction.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Cafe Trieste, Cafe Capriccio, Cafe Divine

Pacific Heights

The Grove

The Grove

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2016 Fillmore St, SF (between California St and Pine St) See Yelp reviews
Disclosure: I've somehow never had the coffee here. I go straight for the fresh-squeezed OJ. You should too! With 15+ years experience, they've perfected the staples including the right-from-the-oven cookies and bursting breakfast burritos. They're anything but complacent. The newest concoction? Zoe's hot pastrami sandwich. They'll soon open in SOMA then followed by Hayes Valley.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Cafe Murano, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, La Boulange de Fillmore


Mocha 101 Coffee Shop pic

Mocha 101

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1722 Taraval St, SF (between 27th Ave and 28th Ave) See Yelp reviews
The friendly owner Eric puts the "mo" in mocha. Kickstart with a coffee and then add on the appropriate meal... breakfast bagel, the strawberry + banana crepe, or a matcha green tea smoothie. Great people watching from the loft, especially during their weekend live jazz. Great retro feel with pacheco and even a Street Fighter arcade. Show up wet and get a free cup o' joe with purchase.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: E Surf Cafe

Portrero Hill / Dogpatch

Sundance Coffee Portero Hill

Sundance Coffee

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2295 3rd St, SF (at 20th St) See Yelp reviews
Sundance subscribes to the K.I.S.S. methodology... “provide the highest quality product in a simple and straightforward manner.” Success! After all, you should be the protagonist! This is the neighborhood cafe for a few friends to share some stories and laughs. On Tues/Thurs afternoons, swing by the Lower Deck gallery afterward for inspiration from emerging local artists.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Thinkers Cafe, Farley's


Do you work for Lucasfilm? Then you get Javva the Hut. Everyone else should go bowling in the Presidio.


Blue Danube Coffee House

Blue Danube Coffee House

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
306 Clement St, SF (between 4th Ave and 5th Ave) See Yelp reviews
Instead of cursing the long lines of Burma Superstar, peel over to this bohemian coffee house. With 6+ years of experience, they don't resort to cheap parlor tricks like free wifi. Instead, they've honed their cuisine including the stellar french toast for breakfast and the prosciutto panini for lunch. The Mexican Hot Chocolate is one size-fits-all (large) and the pitcher of sangria is great for friends.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Caffe Del Sole, Velo Rouge Café

Russian Hill

Nook Cafe Russian Hill


wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1500 Hyde St, SF (at Jackson St) See Yelp reviews
There's lots of crannies in SF, but there's only one Nook! Tucked in a serene Hyde street corner, Nook hooks regulars from morning brunch through evening cocktails. A very intimate spot except for the intermittent rumble of the cable cars, the studious crowd slowly sips their lattes... until the lunchtime rush (no Wi-Fi during peak hours). Ease into the evening with the happy hour special $4 sake cocktails.

La Boulange de Polk Coffee

La Boulange de Polk

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2300 Polk St, SF (at Union St) See Yelp reviews
I'd be remiss if I didn't highlight this charming, local coffee shoppe. Always buzzing with activity, La Boulangerie never leaves one with the sensation of claustrophobia. Credit the feng shui. Don't have a dog to attract those working out at the nearby Alhambra theater? Then simply order a cup of joe with a daily special and park at the sidewalk tables. You'll be treated to the best people watching in the Polk Gulch.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Crave, Royal Ground Coffees, Peet's


Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
270 7th St, SF (between Folsom St and Harrison St) See Yelp reviews
Sightglass is brewing up something wonderful in SOMA. Earning their sea legs at Blue Bottle and Four Barrel, Justin and Jerad are now at the helm of the ship. Each day, you have a choice of beans by geography along with tasting notes... coffee redolent of blueberry pancakes. They are under construction in a 4,000 sq ft two level warehouse. But the coffee, espressos, and macchiatos are near perfection.

Epicenter Cafe

Epicenter Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
764 Harrison St, SF (between Folsom St and Harrison St) See Yelp reviews
Lots to love here, especially their attention to detail... minimalist interior, custom ceramic mugs, and even a whole lotta latte foam art. Curl up on the couches in back or soak in the heavy sun through the big bay windows up front. For espresso aficianados, pick your favorite bean—all selected by Barefoot Coffee, a celebrated South Bay roastery who also offers free tasting classes at their Santa Clara HQ.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Vega At Langton (Blue Bottle), Capricorn Coffee

South Beach

Crossroads Café Patio pic

Crossroads Café

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
699 Delancey St, SF (at Brannan St) See Yelp reviews
No WiFi. Ok? All other amenities are provided in this utopian cafe. NYC H&H bagels, Mitchell's ice cream, fresh ahi tuna, Tree of Knowledge... well, a bookstore. Spacious and bright, this cafe features effervescent energy. And their private garden is the perfect recluse for sunny weekend reading. The real story here is the community of folks rebuilding their lives. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

The Creamery in South Beach

The Creamery

Free wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine or beer
685 4th St, SF (at Townsend St) See Yelp reviews
Caltrain commuters have a routine and the Creamery is their ritual... fittingly, they also serve Ritual beans. The rustic wood lodge creates a welcoming ambiance—a refuge from the surrounding urban bustle. Their front porch soaks up abundant sunlight. (sorry, no complimentary sunscreen.) This is a great spot for a mocha before a Giants game or simply a leisurely morning reading the paper.
Other Neighborhood Favorite: Cento (Blue Bottle)

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Java Beach Cafe Patio

Java Beach Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1396 La Playa St, SF (at Judah St) See Yelp reviews
A fog-free day in the City? Tilt your head to the side because you're about to get kissed by the salty froth of the ocean. Start with Bernie's Blend—a wicked brew from the Due Torri folks. There are a few personal tables for the nomadic professionals. The socialites should enjoy the patio or the inside bar on cooler days. The menu items commemorate the OB breaks, like Kelly's Cove (turkey + pesto).
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Sea Biscuit


farm:table Coffee


wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
754 Post St, SF (between Jones St and Leavenworth St) See Yelp reviews
If you've been here, then it's your favorite. If you haven't been here, remedy that situation ASAP! They streamline the selections offering daily specials via Twitter. Everything is exceptional, especially the service. For the hitters, order up a non-menu item, the “Little Smokey,” cream, sugar and a layered shot of espresso. A definite headturner.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Double Team Coffee, Gallery Cafe

Twin Peaks

Coffee in Twin Peaks? The only way to wake up here is to run the stairs at Pemberton Place.

Van Ness Corridor

Notes From Underground

Notes From Underground

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
2399 Van Ness Ave, SF (at Green St) See Yelp reviews
Located right in the heart of the Van Ness Corridor, Notes From Underground provides all the basics including a filling granola plus yogurt meal to get you to the meal. In the shadows of this intimate spot lurk modern-day Dostoevskies typing out their rambling memoirs... or perhaps, simply composing existentialist Facebook status updates. Why am I here? Oh yeah, the coffee and free wifi.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Philz, First Cup Coffee, Java Detour

Western Addition / NOPA

Matching Half Cafe in Western Addition - NOPA

Matching Half Cafe

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1799 McAllister St, SF (at Baker St) See Yelp reviews
If you're married to your work, then coffee serves as your better half (let's say “Matching Half” considering how much invested in your education). MacBooks shimmer in the bay windows of this sleek, almost spartan, shop. They serve the Verve—the beans from the distinguished Santa Cruz roastery. With the recent move of Green Chile Kitchen, this block is set with anchor tenants.

Mojo Bicycle Cafe in Western Addition - NOPA

Mojo Bicycle Café

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
639 Divisadero St, SF (x Fulton St) See Yelp reviews
Mojo Rising! This intimate cafe and cycle shop is authentically independent (and adjacent to The Independent)... Timbuk2 bag optional. An urban Eden is out back for laughs on a sunny day with friends. They serve Ritual beans and De La Paz espresso—quality pours even for the discerning hispter. Stay into the evening for cheese plates complemented by $2 pints at happy hour from 5 - 7pm.

Apollo Coffee in Western Addition picture

Apollo Coffee

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
1064 Divisadero St, SF (at Turk St) See Yelp reviews
Apollo, sharing the name with the Roman god of sun, basks in the bountiful, natural light of the corner location. You'll be productive at this contemporary spot both morning (coffee) and night (diverse selection of loose leaf teas). A battle-scarred veteran of high finance, the ever-present owner will attend to your every need. Note author bias: Apollo is also the Roman god of archery.
Other Neighborhood Favorites: Mojo Bicycle Cafe, Bean Bag Coffee House

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Coffee Shop Address Neighborhood Occupancy Wi-Fi Outdoor Seating Breakfast Meals Beer & Wine
Indoor Outdoor
Progressive Grounds 400 Cortland Ave Bernal Heights 30 10 wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
Nervous Dog Coffee 3438 Mission St Bernal Heights 22 wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
Spike's Coffee House4117 19th StreetCastro1212 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Cafe Reverie848 Cole StCole Valley1230 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Cafe Ida303 SacramentoFinancial District wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Buena Vista Cafe2765 Hyde StFisherman's25 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Cafe Bello2885 Diamond StGlen Park25 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
The Grind Cafe783 Haight StHaight3016 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Blue Bottle Coffee Co315 Linden StHayes Valley wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Alvin's Scrumptious1708 Irving StInner Sunset102 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Rigolo3465 California StLaurel Heights4010 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Jovino2184 Union StMarina256 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Atlas Cafe3049 20th StMission4020 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Coffee Bar1890 Bryant StMission5012 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Four Barrel375 Valencia StMission40 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Philz3101 24th StMission404 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Revolution Cafe3248 22nd StMission2514 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Ritual Coffee Roasters1026 Valencia StMission50 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Bernie's3966 24th StNoe Valley206 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
901 Columbus Caffe901 ColumbusNorth Beach204 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
The Grove2016 Fillmore StPacific Heights3010 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Mocha 1011722 Taraval StParkside35 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Sundance Coffee2295 3rd StPortrero Hill20 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Blue Danube306 Clement StRichmond206 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Nook1500 Hyde StRussian Hill188 free wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
La Boulange de Polk2300 Polk StRussian Hill358 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Sightglass270 7th StSOMA6 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Epicenter Cafe764 Harrison StSOMA208 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Crossroads Cafe699 Delancey StSouth Beach4540 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
The Creamery685 4th StSouth Beach2416 Wi-Fioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Java Beach1396 La Playa StSunset258 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
farm:table754 Post StTendernob8 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Notes from Underground2399 Van NessVan Ness Corridor124 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Matching Half Cafe1799 McAllisterWestern Addition168 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Mojo Bicycle Café639-A DivisaderoWestern Addition1712 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer
Apollo Coffee1064 DivisaderoWestern Addition20 wifioutdoor seatingbagelsandwichwine and beer

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