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Steep Ravine Oceanfront Cabins
Serenity, Solitude, and Inspiration

Vacations don't always require a change of latitude.

Steep Ravine Cabin at Twilight.jpgNestled on the cliffs a few miles South of Stinson Beach, Steep Ravine is the most difficult reservation to get in the California State Park system. Nine rustic cabins dot the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The amenities might be lacking... no electricity, no running water and no Ghirardelli chocolates under your pillow. The regulars will even bring extra sheets to cut and hang as makeshift curtains. And the price tag is $100/night.  Tempting?

Steep Ravine Cabin.jpgThe main attraction is the view—a remarkable panorama typically reserved for the über-rich. Steep Ravine is a sacred spot reagardless of the conditions. Sometimes the hillside is kissed by the rolling fog.  (Be sure to bring sweatshirts and buy firewood.) On other days, you might be able to spy the Farallon Islands 25 miles to the West. And on a “blue moon,” a minus tide of at least -1.0 ft reveals a natural hot spring at the base of a treacherous trail.

You must have Usain Bolt finger-speed to book a weekend at the Steep Ravine cabins. On the 1st day of the month at 8:00am sharp, they open up reservations for seven months out. By 8:01am they are fully booked. Good luck!

Steep Ravine Map.jpgThe Details:
  Steep Ravine State Park
  Mill Valley, CA
  (415) 388-2070

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