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Dear US Airways, Enzyte, and Comcast,

Tread softly when you come down our way. We work excruciatingly hard to serve our members and we won't compromise our long-term success by seeking short-term profits. We are a scrappy and creative team and we only partner with firms who share our ethos and vision.

For the innovative businesses, we could start by exploring a sponsored placement on the side of our emails and web site, a la a Google search with a right-rail advert. (Hey, we got to keep the lights on.)

Our members are modern day Lewis & Clarks and Huck Finns celebrating all the unique ways to do San Francisco. They are adventurous, sophisticated, discerning, and at times irreverent but never profane.

Introduce us to you and your brand. Drop us a line at:

Or pick up the old rotary phone, and give us a ring at: 315.834.2563

But you better be damn cool.

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