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You are sophisticated and discerning... why else would you live in

San Francisco

? Time is tight, but you yearn for inspiration and adventure.

And you're lucky! By stumbling down this rabbit hole, you are one step away from a lifeline to

Mister Archer

— your personal concierge discovering and sharing the most pioneering restaurants and bars, exhilarating activities, fashionable wears, innovative ideas, and coolest ways to give back. I have made one promise to you, my friends:  No Noise!

Mister Archer does not award Michelin stars or give two thumbs ups. He definitely does not defer to the “wisdom of the crowds”... in most cases, the loudest, most obnoxious reviewers masking their ulterior motives in snarky potshots.

Instead, Mister Archer shares a road map for adventure. He starts with hundreds of ideas covering the full breadth of the urbane life and narrows down to a single worthy concept. Mister Archer is a lot of things, but not a mercenary. There is no amount of money that can purchase a few paragraphs from his quill pen.

A minute with Mister Archer inspires hours of new experiences —

Inspirations for your Explorations


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